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    Wow, what a great trip! Worth every second of the long drive up and back. Met some great people, ate some great food, enjoyed some great scenery.

    A couple of hi-lite pics of Shug and Stormcrow having fun at the Cascades during our lunch stop:

    The trip synopsis from my point of view...

    Arrived Thursday at around 4:00pm with the intention of camping at site 21. Met Stormcrow, Fin and Mr. Green at the parking lot who informed me that everyone was down at site 13. I gathered my gear up and hiked on in to 13. On the way there I ran into Stormcrow's brother, who was wandering around looking for everyone. Together we found the elusive fork in the trail and made it to site 13. We camped that night with the sounds of the river providing a beautiful lullaby!

    Friday morning we hiked up the river to the cascades and enjoyed a ncie relaxing lunch on the sun-warmed rocks. From there most of the group hiked the Humpback trail out, but Fin and I (and Pizza, I believe) took the Middle Trail out. We gathered food and supplies from the parking lot and then dispersed back into the woods, spreading out between sites 20, 21 and 22. Food, drink and stories were shared around the central fire at 21. It was a fine night! Awoke at around 4:30am to the realization that the weather had turned cold, windy and snowy, but all was warm and snug in the hammock. The Little Underquilt That Could.

    Saturday morning I enjoyed a bit more conversation and a nice breakfast. Then it was time for me to hit the road, as real life decided to intrude into my wooded playland. Back home and back to work I went.

    I'd like to thank EVERYONE for great conversation, sharing of knowledge and all the gear talk!
    Special thanks to Stormcrow for making me a woopie sling, and thus teaching me how to make my own in the future! Teach a man to fish...
    Special thanks to Shug for taking quite a bit of time to talk gear with me. I learned allot! You bring a special kind of light and fun into the world, Shug.
    Special thanks to Fin for a ton of gear knowledge I gleaned off him when he wasn't looking!
    Last, special thanks to all the cooks! Friday night's feast was awesome! The sweet potato/apple/concotion, Fin's Froot Soup... Mr. Green's meatballs... slaw...etc etc etc...

    JerryW, I really wanted to ask to see your DIY gear. I'm bummed I never got to ask you about it. Next time!

    Can't wait for the next hang.


    EDIT: a couple of videos!

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