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    Army surplus

    I went down to the local Army surplus and bought a poncho liner, among way too much other items...... $108 later.
    The liner ($20) appears very thin. I guess I was expecting a little more quilting inside. I guess once I fold in half and rig it up, it may block the air.
    I bought the greatest, lined German Army rain pants. Fur inside, and outside appears to be some kind of thick material. Maybe they are treated, to be waterproof. Zippers down both sides, to completely put on and take off, without even needing to step inside.
    Bought bug nettings, that must be big enough to go over a mess hall. I imagine I will have to be creative with that.
    Bought a net, to put under hammock to hold in a sleeping bag for a UQ, if needed. Lots of cord. It is not cord to hold hammock but will hold items, bear can, etc. Even tho, $108, I really came out with a lot of stuff. Some odds and ends. Duck tape, 75ft of rope, long johns.
    I can see how this can get expensive.
    Makes me wonder if I am ever going to use my $300 lightweight tents.......

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    I have found some great and really strong buckles that work great on suspension systems, got a parachute for 30.00 bucks tons of material and buckles. You never know what youll find.

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