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    Buying a Clark Ultra, Which Tarp?

    Hey everyone, I currently have a WBBB and an OES Deluxe, It is too big for my wife to use, and it woudlnt hurt to have another set up around.

    So, I am going to buy a Clark Ultra, I prefer the Underquilts, so I am not to into the whole multi pocket thing. Also, I dont wish to have a weather shield that cannot be removed if I dont want to use it.

    Anywho, what tarp would you recomend for a Clark, I know that they are a tad shorter than the BB, I have been looking at a JRB 8 X 8. I like that I would only have to carry two stakes..

    Any information woudl be appreciated. If you have used an 8 x 8, how does it hold up in the winter? Is it a viable option, or should I strictly be held to a Cat cut...

    Thank you everyone, I will be pulling the trigger at lunch.

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    Why not just upgrade from the standard Clark tarp to the Clark XL rainfly. I have the XL on my NX-200 and it is has more than adequate coverage for any 3-season hanging you are going to do.
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