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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr l33t d00d View Post
    I didn't even think of putting the rings on the tree hugger end, would be lighter too since there's less webbing.
    There are trade offs to any solution. _I_ would not want the rings on the tree hugger end because I like to be able to do all my adjustments at ground level. I have been in situations where I had to boost my tree huggers up the tree farther than I could reach. With the rings at the hugger end I would lose the fast simple adjustment options of the ring buckles which is why I want them in the first place. Plus I can stand under the tarp in the rain and make my adjustments dry. But there is no reason why _you_ could not put the rings at the tree hugger end.
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    Good point, easier to make adjustments at the hammock side.

    So far I've tried the rings with a...

    prussic knot and figure 8 at the hammock end and 1" webbing. (it was secure but the knot was too tight and was difficult to remove)

    anchor hitch at the hammock end and 1" webbing. (just as secure but a lot easier to untie if I choose to)

    next will be with the garda hitch

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