I made a prototype underquilt from an old synthetic sleeping bag. I used it last weekend. No kidding- I woke up around 3 am and thought I was in my bed at home. Unbelievable! Posh comfort.
So here is my dilema- I go to the ground in the winter, but this year I want to use the hammock in cold weather. So before I start sewing my 'real' under quilt I need some advice. I know what size and shape, and I am going to use down fill, but here is my idea- I want to cut the shell of the quilt wider than the liner and have 2" baffles so that the fabric of the shell will have to hang lower than the liner no matter how tight my shock cord gets (hoping to eliminate so much precise adjustment) and I want to sew a strip of velcro to the hammock bottom and to the liner so that they will maintain contact. I will have to experiment with the velcro to figure out what works best. It could be one or two lengthwise strips or several crosswise strips. Has anyone tried this approach and is there any advice for me? I seached the forum, but could not find a reference.