Went for an overnight hang with my friend from work, tapedeck (on these forums), at the Honey Hill Recreation Area near McClellanville, SC last night.

Temps were predicted to be near 50 overnight with clear skies.

I had split some wood the previous evening, piled it in the trunk of the car, packed gear and set off for work Friday morning. Tapedeck hinted that he might not want to go because it was raining off and on through the course of the day, but I assured him that it would stop. It was still raining in Georgetown, SC when we headed south toward McClellanville, but the rain stopped near the Santee River Delta and we never felt a drop again.

We got to the campsite and there were people there. I was a bit apprehensive at first, but we parked at our chosen spot and quickly relaxed and started setting up. Tapedeck was in his Hennessey and I in my blackbird. Tree choice was good, not stellar, but there was plenty to choose from. After getting the hammocks setup, tapedeck went to work batoning some of the firewood into tinder to get the fire going. I showed him why to build a fire on top of a few flat logs on the bottom of the pit and soon, the fire was self-sustaining.

Steaks and mashed potatoes for dinner, grilled over the open flame of the fire. They were delish. After dinner, we sat around the fire while tapedeck poked at it with his ever-shrinking fire poker. The usual good-ol-boy stuff that goes on around a camp fire: Have a few Guinness, tell some lies, talk politics and music then sit in silence and stare up at the stars peaking through the canopy.

Overall, a good time was had with plans to do it again. I didn't take my camera because the lense is still busted, so sorry, no pics.