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    thread and webbing question

    If I am in the wrong forum sorry. I would like to know what size nylon thread to use for webbing and or hammock seams.
    Also any info on techniques for sewing tree saver straps such as size of webbing, thread and method for the actual stitch design.

    I really don't know if I should make my own cause I tend to over think things. Thanks, Bill

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    Don't worry about it. I way over think things too.

    I use 100% poly guttenman thread. Joann Fabrics has it and runs sales sometimes. You want to use a 100% poly thread, cotton will rot. I use the standard thickness of thread. I tried thicker and got all kinds of mechine problems. I use the same thread for everything.

    I use 1" webbing bought from . He sells 1.5" if you weigh a little more than my petite 220 lbs.

    For the stiches I used both 2 boxes with an "X" inside each offset a little, and 5 rows of bartacking. The bartacking as I use it, is just going back and forth with zig-zag stiches a few times. Each time over I increase the width of the zig-zag.
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    Thread size is Tex 20 through Tex 40
    whatever those really mean.

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