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    WhoOpie Slings (

    Ive got about 150' of 7/64 blue Amsteel.

    Im offering to make custom length slings for $.75 per linear foot of cord. Roughly, that means if you want a finished 6' sling, it will run $9.75. Thats 13' of Amsteel to make a finished 6' sling.

    I will use an 8" bury on the dead eye with a 2" loop. This will be locked. The adjustable end will have a 10" bury and the end will be finished with a bury, not locked.

    So for a pair of 6' slings, thats $19.50 shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states. This is the base price. Increases (or decreases) in length will incure a $.75 charge (or deduction) per foot.

    Pair of 4' slings would be $16.50
    Pair of 6' would be $19.50
    Pair of 8' would be $22.50

    And so on. Price is shipped via USPS priority mail.

    Payment will be via PayPal only. I am Verified by PayPal and have a 100% positive rating on Ebay with over 150 transactions.

    Attached are a couple pics of one of mine using 1/8" grey.

    I had a PM inquiring about some grey Amsteel. I have 2 pairs right now made up with Grey, but they are 1/8" Amsteel. They are just shy of 6', like 5'11". They have a 6.5" bury on the dead eye and a 9.5" bury on the adjustable end. Ends are finished with a backsplice. Roughly a 2" eye. Both pairs have not been used.

    One pair may be spoken for, so for now only 1 pair is available. $22.95 shipped USPS priority mail.

    I mentioned earlier about some sections with a dead eye on either end. I have 4 made up. 3 are 4.5' long with 2" eyes on either end and 6" buries, locked. They are also the 1/8" grey. 1 is 6.5' long with the same specs as the other 3. I can let a pair of the 4.5' ones go for $13 shipped USPS priority. I can let the 4.5' and 6.5' go as a pair for $15 shipped USPS priority. If you want a custom length, the price per foot for the 7/64 will be the same, $.75 per linear foot. Ill only sell these as pairs since shipping one will be cost prohibitive. OR, if you only want one, instead of the priority shipping Ill send them first class.

    Heres a pic....

    I can also incorporate Rings into the dead eye...

    I have a pair of these Omega Pacific rings I can incorporate into the dead eye of a pair of slings for an additional $8. No extra labor charge, the pair of rings run about $9.

    I also have a pair of SMC rings I can do the same thing with. Additional $5.

    If youd like.... If your hammock has a channel at either end, You can send it to me and Ill incorporate the dead eye right into the channel. No extra charge above the price of the slings.

    10/21 EDIT: I have 300' of grey, 200' of red and 200' of yellow on the way, all in 7/64. Get your orders in now!! And I still have some blue left...
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