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    Combo Sleep pad idea

    I have a Thermarest Ridgerest foam sleeping pad but I want something warmer, more comfortable, and more form fitting than the foam pad. I saw people using Sunshades for windshields as insulators because of the aluminum and thin padding to hold it together. I decided to make a combination of a sleeping pad, blanket, and insulator. Someone else probably had this idea before I did I just haven't seen it. It would consist of 3 layers; A wool blanket folded over as many times to get half an inch thickness, A Sunshade or two sown together to make it as long as needed, and A thin nylon cover on top all diamond cross stitched to make it thin.

    Is this a good idea? Does anyone have anything like this?
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    wool blankets are not very compressible and they tend to be comparatively heavy. If you are not backpacking this may not be a problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ramblinrev View Post
    wool blankets are not very compressible and they tend to be comparatively heavy. If you are not backpacking this may not be a problem.
    To Ramblinrev's point, at times I currently use a Woolrich (85% wool/15% nylon) blanket (60" by 72") for additional warmth. It weighs approximately 1.4 Kg or 3.1 lbs and its folded size is approximately 8" by 12" with 7" thickness. That's both a lot of space and weight for a backpack!

    Wool does have great performance even when wet and its nice to use as a cloak during the evening when the temperature drops. Wool also has a high ignition temperature of 600 degree Celsius so there is less worry about melting it. At one time, I have even used 100% wool yarn to wrap my 24 oz beer can pot for easy pickup. However, I do not recommend this. The stink of burnt wool is something awful. Since then, I have switched to some nice, soft fireproof wick instead.

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