Hello all! I have been searching the forums for ideas on how to make a bridge hammock sock. I am receiving a Warbonnet Ridgerunner in the mail next week and I am looking to make a sock instead of buying the "Spindrift" from Warbonnet. I came across Grizz's post from 2007 and was trying to bump it back up, but it seems like many of us "DIYer's" reside in this subforum as opposed to the "Weather Protection" subforum where it was originally posted. Here is the original post...


I am looking to make a sock just like Grizz made for my WBRR out of Tyvek home wrap because I have a local vendor I can get it from dirt cheap. I was going to use all the same dimensions, but add 2 large entry/vent zippers on either side like he did on one side. I was also going to add a zip-open noseeum mesh window above my head area to prevent a lot of condensation. I just wanted the forums help/advice on whether this sounds like a good idea and what I could do to make it better. I am also unsure if Grizz's dimensions he used for his sock would fit the WBRR, so if anyone knows that would also be helpful!