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    Quote Originally Posted by Roadtorque View Post
    I dont regret the purchase and I haven't even field tested it yet. It took me a long time to buy. Now that I have it I could careless if it sat in a closet the rest of the least I can stop debating if I should get it or not! However, I'm really looking forward to using it this winter and I know when I wake up on those cold mornings and I'm so warm I dont want to get out of the hammock I made the right choice. Trust me, I've been on winter campouts where I have been so cold at night I simply cant wait until morning so I can get up and moving. I dont think I will have a problem with the Mt. Washington 4. It really looks like an amazing piece of equipment. I realize the price tag can be a put-off but in the end it's worth it
    The price will be worth it if it's as good as everyone says it is...I will be anxious to hear upcoming reviews this winter

    Glad your not having consumers remorse

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    I hear ya, nothin' like spending a bunch of money on something you really want and then regretting it. The AZ winter hang is towards the end of Nov so I will give the quilt a good review after that...stay tuned.

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