I ordered some 1/8 Vectrus 12 from Annapolis Performance Sailing last week. I just read the Whoopie Sling thread. I now want to make a set.

I haven't seen the Amsteel in person that is recommended for the Whoopie Sling so I can't compare it to my Vectrus so can anyone who knows these two tell me if I can use this Vectrus as a replacement cord in this case?

The Annapolis website rates the Amsteel at 2,500lbs and the Vectrus at 2,000. both are hollow core beyond that I don't know.

Additionaly, the opposite end of the Whoopie Sling will run a double loop through my hammock ends and will tie off with a Taut Line Hitch. I'll take the extra few inched that stick out from that TLH and run them back into the hollow core to make it neat.