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    A bit of website advice

    Hey Paul,

    First off, congratulations on the rapid set-up and expansion of your company! Its always great to see some quality cottage-industry companies going.

    I just had a couple of pieces of advice for your website. Note that I'm pulling for ya, and this is meant to be helpful and not as criticism.

    First, it would be good to see some numbers in regards to individual products. Specifically, dimensions and weights of products would be really helpful. Rough numbers for the temperature ratings of the quilts as well. Estimates, of course, as slight variances will occur. Inquiring minds (us gear junkies/gram weenies) want to know. And for those less fortunate that have not yet discovered the wonders of hammockforums, they might find it more difficult to find that info.

    Secondly, wherever you have a choice of multiple colors it might be good to show examples of the colors so that shoppers can tell if "green" means lime green, forest green, olive, or otherwise.

    Hope my thoughts help!


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    Jofish, I totally agree with you. I am a gram counter myself, and have been struggling to try and keep updating products as I go. I am working hard at getting all the specs that I can, as I can. Right now I am so swamped with orders and personal life (wife is going to pop out kid #3 any hour/day) that the website is falling behind a little. Second I am super critical of pictures that I put up, having been a semi pro photographer for a number of years, so it kills me to put up some of the so-so pictures that I have used just to get a visual idea of the items. I am afraid that the site will be a work in progress for some time. At the moment I am a one guy show, which means after I get up in the morning and get my oldest off to school I have some time to answer emails, get up to speed on what has happened here overnight, respond to orders and let the buyer know the ship schedule on their order, enter the orders into quickbooks, start making product for as many hours as I can stand, squeeze in lunch then go pick up my son at school then back to emails, orders, add products to the site, making stuff, and mixed in there is calling suppliers, trying to work out product and material deals, printing receipts, packing and shipping orders and breathing when ever possible. When I get done with all of that I say goodnight to the kids, spend an hour or two with my wife, send her off to bed and start in on painting the babies room, yes something that should have been done months ago but stuff just seamed to keep coming up.

    If any body knows how to clone me please send a PM! 5-7 of me should be enough.

    And just to throw out a fun little variable I have not yet made any money at this, every dollar has gone back into overhead and more materials, so this is all just for fun! Not that I am complaining this is great and I appreciate all the support and help that everyone has shown me. As to the quilts, I have had a few that I have made and rushed out to customers, but with everything that is going on it may be spring before I have a chance to get out and do some of my own testing on temps, so at the moment I only have reference of what John as been able to fill me in on as I go. Hope to be able to do much better as we keep going, just going to take some time. There is so much more that I want to do with AHE as we continue to grow. I have about 5 products that are done and ready to have a picture taken and added to the site when I can, some good deals and new ideas.

    Thanks for the impute, I am working on it
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    i can feel for ya paul, as starting 2 small businesses myself, its all work not enough play, the rewards are awesome, the sacrafices you make are crazy, you already know this by now, advice...... never forget your family and the sacrafices they make for you to succeed, oohh never forget where you came from, good luck it will all come together
    i do not remember the question, however i believe beer is the answer

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