Hey Paul,

First off, congratulations on the rapid set-up and expansion of your company! Its always great to see some quality cottage-industry companies going.

I just had a couple of pieces of advice for your website. Note that I'm pulling for ya, and this is meant to be helpful and not as criticism.

First, it would be good to see some numbers in regards to individual products. Specifically, dimensions and weights of products would be really helpful. Rough numbers for the temperature ratings of the quilts as well. Estimates, of course, as slight variances will occur. Inquiring minds (us gear junkies/gram weenies) want to know. And for those less fortunate that have not yet discovered the wonders of hammockforums, they might find it more difficult to find that info.

Secondly, wherever you have a choice of multiple colors it might be good to show examples of the colors so that shoppers can tell if "green" means lime green, forest green, olive, or otherwise.

Hope my thoughts help!