I made two sets of conduit turtledog stands and on one set I started to put small eyebolts about 20" from the bottom to attach the limiting line to, right now I just have paracord on it but want to change that out with some mason line. The other stand I haven't put line on yet. I've been using 4' separation, which seems about right for the 7' tri-pods.

The question is; 1. What type of loop or knot can I use to attach the line to the small eyebolts and have it look good?
I thought of a dog bone but then I would have to bend the eyebolts open and then bend them back closed. I suppose that might not be an issue.

Okay, two questions.

2. would something work without the eyebolts? I don't know if drilling a hole and just passing the line through would work due to the line chaffing over time.