I decided to take my wife camping at the Congaree National Park. I have been there a bunch of times and have always had a good time.

We started out by setting up camp. I hung my Claytor JH hung next to my WarBonnet BlackBird Under a Claytor 3X4 Big Fly.

Then I grilled up some Bubba Burgers for lunch. Mmmm....
After lunch it was nap time. My wife actually fell asleep in the BlackBird.
I was very proud. That was her first experience in a hammock.

We were then attacked by a swarm of Asian LadyBeetles. There were hundreds of thousands of them. I'm not kidding at all.

We figured we would go for a nice walk on the board walk and maybe they would be gone when we came back. That was not the case.

There were so many of them all over us. They got in my shirt, in my pants, and in my underwear. They Bite............

We decided that we had enough fun for the day and we packed up and headed home in time to catch the ball game (Carolina Game Cocks) and hand out candy to the trick or treaters.

So it was a good experience even though we didn't spend the night.

Here is a link to the pictures!!