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Keep 'em coming Shug! That's good stuff!
Thanks .... lets do it again.....

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Thanks for the videos Shug, they make me feel good . . . in my heart.
That is a mighty big place.......

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One of the things I like best about this one is the exposure given to slowhike's end caps.
I've always liked those those things, and shy and unassuming as slowhike is you just don't hear about them much.
But check them out folks---windbreaks and storage locker all wrapped in one. Seriously clever idea there.
Since there was no chance of me joining this party I didn't look much at the posts on it until after the event. My word, what a crowd of hangers!!!! Right up there with MAHAA and Mt. Rogers, on the first go.
Linville Gorge---I'm coming. I don't know when, but I'm coming.
I agree ....Slowhike is humble! Those end-caps are too cool and hold everything. I knew folks would want to see them mo'.

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Its just so so so good to know there's others out there just as nuts as me...God bless us all.
Nuts loose in the Gorge

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That saved my morning
Had to turn down the sound though, b/c it's still early here.
So i have to watch it again (with sound) when everybody is up.
Thanks for the time and effort, Shug !
Great stuff.
Glad it got you through the morning .... that is why we all went to hang. To assist our fellow man!!!!1

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Absolutely hilarious, nice to see the folks faces . shug ..........you are a hoot. thanks for the smiles.
'Yelcome. Fun stuff......Hawk-eye cracked me up!
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Great vid Shug. I wanna go back.............
Let us go forth.........

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The great thing about living in NC is... we can go back to the Gorge anytime!
How about an east rim winter ridgetop hang? See the sights along Table Rock Road... maybe it will snow!
- MacEntyre
Now your talking!!!! I'll come!

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Another excellent Whooooooo Buddy video production!
I do thankee......

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Karl strikes again!
Where does Hooch live?
end caps Tim? hmmm, I might think on those a bit! nice job!
good to see all the different gear...love that part (easier to get that stuff when you stay put for a day, huh Shug?!!)
thanks for starting my day off daydreaming of the Big Ditch and a bunch of happy hangers!
Dream on. End-cap envy, huh?????

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Looks like ton of fun,,, Its nice to interview everyone to see who they are... I got to go one one of these hanging parties soon...
I thought folks on here want some in depth hammock/personality clips....

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I got something to say!(Fart) Now that's Funny! This is fun stuff Thanks Shug! I like Mustard on my biscuittt! But dont get it on my hammockkk!
My buddy Hicks was always quite flatulent!

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omg lol funny video.....i really need to make one of these gorge trips.....
C'mon ...... we need more down there.

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Great job as always Shug: It great to see the people and the gear. These hangs are great.
you would have loved it WB!

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Loads of fun to see everyone's face and gear! The scan of all the hammocks set up all through the woods looked like some cool hammock buffet!
Thanks to all of you for being a part of the video!
Great fun!
I used to live down in Hickory. Took the little 'uns backpacking at Grandfather Mtn many a time, but never got to get to the Gorge. SOOO beautiful there, especially this time of year!
Thanks again, Shug!
I loved seeing all the hammocks strung down there too.......

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That was just funny I don't care who you are. Thanks again Shug. Cant' wait for part three.
Hey rigidpsycho ......thankee. How's KY?