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Noob hanger here....

Here I am, in the under 200# crowd, and I do mostly off-road motorcycle camping with occasional backpacking, so I'm not super concerned about hammock weight. I already know I want a double layer, 'cause I'll be needing to stick insulation in there, but even after reading all these threads, I'm still hanging on wondering about the 1.1. vs 1.7 fabric weight.

I figure the 1.7 weight willl be more durable, and maybe my partner and I can bundle up together for a nap once in a while,...and what's a few extra onces on a motorcycle, right?

Am I on the right track here, or is it overkill and the 1.1 will be just fine, and even be a bit lighter and pack up a bit smaller?
I'm 205 and the BBdl 1.1 is fine but i don't know about the partner and you . Brandon will have to answer that.