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    So easy a Caveman can do it....

    Just got out of the woods--this time with a BB but the focus was on a Speer Winter Tarp (and I need help here), whoopies, marlin spikes (need to know something on this one), and those U shaped things I bought from someone here.
    OK about that caveman (that would be me, I hate to get 'hands on') but know this, if you have a Warbonnet BB and you ordered whoopies from Opie and you want to change them out it will take you less than a minute and is so easy, well you know, a caveman would have already had it done If you were using rings/Garda hitch for adjustment ease-throw them away (no, give them to a climber)-whoopies are infinitely adjustable and maybe even quicker than rings!
    Next the U-shaped things---sweet sweet sweet, leave the carabiner at home...if you've got tree huggers (required by hammock law) and one end is sewn into a loop just put the loop on the U shaped thing, go around the tree and back in the U shaped thing---then tie the MSH (marlin spike hitch just in case a newbie is reading this, or a caveman that wasn't as quick as the first caveman). This leads to the next question on the MSH---how strong does the spike have to be????? I was grabbing stuff here and there and headed to the woods, saw 2 new foam brushes from Chinamart and in my minds eye saw the hitches I'd use for the know the little foam brushes in the craft section $.97 for 4 of them and maybe 1/2 ounce for two of them...well it's what I grabbed and they did fine----so for the Jimmy Neutrons here (Griz are you listening); in the MSH the weight is carried by the webbing correct, the spike carries at most 0.0001 (hyperbole I know) of the weight, it just serves to make tearing down camp easier.....So what is the minimum for a spike?
    Lastly I need help with the Speer Winter Tarp.
    Initially I set it up with the four obligatory stakes in the ground; had a nice taught hitch, setup up the BlackBird and then closed 'the doors'....this is where I found problems with MY setup and need clues from those versed in this soon as i pulled the doors in tight I lost the taught pitch of the rest of the tarp ??????????
    I tried several variations and am almost at the point in believing that you cannot get an occlusive seal (a good thing I know) but I was really far away from anyting completely closed off...clues? suggestions?

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    TeeDee and I have both used 1/8" diameter twigs picked up off the ground for the MSH.

    The twig essentially serves to keep the MSH tied. The webbing carries the load.

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