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so with a 15* bag, how low could you take a PLUQ? what about if you add a cheap pad or space blanket?
I'll take a stab

I think the lowest I took my PLUQ (sewn up version) was about 45F. Before I found under quilts, I used the blue closed-cell foam pads from WalMart. The lowest I attempted pads alone was 15F and I about froze myself into a hypothermic coma (I only had one layer of padding).

Another time, I attempted to tape a space blanket (mylar) to my Grand Trunk Ultralight hammock. I then used my Kelty Galatic 35F bag as a pull-up bag around my hammock. I think that combination got me into the 20sF.

You can see in this photo the Mylar sticking out of the end, if you look closely.

I would guess if you combined all three (PLUQ, CCF pad, and Mylar space blanket) you could get into the 20sF with a good top quilt, maybe lower.

I'm suppose to have some cold nights (15F) this week, so maybe I'll test a PLUQ and CCF combo just to try it out.

But, yes -- test yourself and see It's kind of fun, especially if you can run back inside if it gets too cold. My wife likes to laugh at me when I do that.