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    Speer advantages?

    I have read more than once from several folks here that they much prefer their (usually homemade) Speer type over HH. I have, and really like, both. Some such as Neo and Miguel prefer a Claytor to either one! I'd like to know specifics re: why some of you prefer hammocks types other than HH.

    Since I also already have and like my SuperShelter, that is a good incentive to stick with the HHULAS Explorer. Since I'm not sure how well an asym supershelter would work with the Speer, especially since it is sized/designed to fit over spectra, not webbing.

    But, forgetting for the moment about customer relations and patents and such, for those who prefer a Speer type, I'd like to know what your reasons are.

    It seems to me the huge advantage to the Speer is being able to reach out of the hammock. I also like the potential of the PeaPod, though I have never been able to commit, probably because of prices, and because I have been able to make the SShelter quite workable( on the HH only).

    Some might feel the top entry is superior, but this seems a wash or personal pref to me, as I am able to easily able to hop in or out of Speer or HH with about equal ease. I think the bottom entry might be an advantage if pitched with the ridgeline tight against the tarp ridge for maximum weather resistance. I can see that the top entry would be an advantage if the hammock was hung extra close to the ground.

    I used to think there was a huge advantage to the Speer when it comes to lounging/chair use. But, I finally learned to use the HH this way AND figured out to hang it kind of loose for chair use, which seems to get rid of most of the discomfort from the ridgeline. Or, just put a jacket between me and the ridgeline, though hanging it loose works better. If I do this, the HH might actually be a superior cahir, since it gives me a nice flat surface to sit on, instead of being down in a bathtub.

    If I am going to use the SPE with a pad, it is easier to just sit down on it with the Speer. But a pad is also quite workable with HH, just not as quick and easy as a top loader.

    Once in the HH, it definitely seems more wide open and spacious, with zero shoulder squeeze. But as long as I hang the Speer with adequate sag, there is no real shoulder sqeeze problem, there is just no extra shouder room. But the extra width in the HH is not really very useable anyway, since everything sinks to the low point! But the extra space just seems a little more pleasant.

    And if the Mosquitos are serious, I can see it would be better to hop into the HH from below, and have the thing quickly snap shut with netting all nicely in place, intead of having to hassle with getting the velcro lined up to close the netting on the Speer. If they are not a problem, I can save some weight with the Speer by leaving the net behind.

    Anyway, so much for my observations of pros and cons Speer vs HH. For those of you who have used both and definitely prefer your speer types ( including homemades? ) and have left the HHs behind, I'd like to know: why? What are the primary advantages of the Speer that have made you switch from the HHs? Is comfort a factor? Or is it just a strong personal pref for something I've already mentioned?

    For those of you who prefer your homemades, does that usually mean "Speer type"? And if so, is there any advantage other than cost and fun to your homemades? Like custom sizing making them more comfortable than a stock Speer?

    For that matter, if there are some here who have used both and definitely prefer HH, I'd like to hear your reasons also. I think both are fine products, with pros and cons. And maybe the Claytor is better than either?

    And then there are the new ones coming(maybe?) out from JRB and Warbonnet? )

    Funnything is, some folks here strongly prefer Speer type. But 5 or 6 folks at reviewed a HH, and unanimously declared it by far the most comfortable hammock any of them have used! ( However, I'm not sure how experienced all of those folks are as hammock hangers)
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