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    I bought my first camping hammock abou 6 months ago. It was an HH with the full super shelter. I also bought a Claytor Expedition model. I tested the HH and experimented in the yard quite a bit, befor taking the HH on a Three night trip in the SNP, near Charlottesville. Loved the comfort and freedom of site selection--did not like: the lack of headroom(that d@#*% ridgeline ripped my glasses off every time I tried to get in or out), I found the bottom entry a pain, especially with the SS in place. I also did not like the hassle of getting in and out of a sleeping bag, or trying to add or remove clothing inside the HH without being strangled by that d---- ridgeline. Not being able to reach outside for water or to retrieve some item from your pack was another big negative, not to mention the inability to cook without leaving the hammock in cold weather. I also froze my but off, but that was probably due to my lack of experience with the SS. When I got back form the trip, I pulled out the Claytor and all the negatives went away. I sold the HH, upgraded to the Claytor Jungle Hammock and never looked back. I could go on about headroom, water proof double bottom, and the versatility of being able to change from rope to webbing but I guess you figured out which I prefer. I cannot compare to the Speer as I have never used that brand.
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