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Thread: Tarps for Kids

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    Tarps for Kids

    Need some thoughts on tarps for kids. I did a forum search but really didn't turn up what I was looking for. Planning to buy my son a Hennesy Scout Zip and it comes with its own rainfly or I can update to Hex or Hex Asym in Silnylon. For the cost of the Hex Silnylon $139.95 I am looking for another option or trying to decide if I should just let him use the tarp that comes with the Scout. I have a Warbonnet Superfly and love it and like the idea of him having a larger tarp with doors and it would cost the same as the Hex Asym Silnylon tarp. but I think it is by far a better option. What thoughts/recommedations do you have.

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    I set my boys up with bright colored Shangri La tarps.

    They have been taught to set them up should we somehow get separated. The tarps are light and with just 4 tie out pints all upgraded to line locks they are super easy for them to pitch. The bright colors help them to be visible from a distance and used as a signal if needed.

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