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    JRB Tarp Tent Pre-purchase List?

    Hey folks,

    I've noticed several comments regarding the much anticipated JRB tarp tents.
    Others may know the status of these tarps, design details etc.
    I wanted to start this thread for those that are already ready,willing and able to make a purchase.
    Please post in this thread if you are:

    a) A guaranteed customer for a JRB tarp tent when they are released.

    b) You have any confirmed information regarding, design details, price or availability on the JRB tarp tents.

    Hopefully this will make life easy for the Jacks and help them to gauge the immediate demand for the product.
    I also was hoping to channel some of the more random comments about these products into one solid place.
    There were several other threads that I was trying to follow but have lost track of because the posts were
    not exactly on topic to the original idea being discussed.
    I am hoping to gather in this thread, the specific details of the product. eg: exact sizing, who has tested one,
    thoughts, opinions?, will they be compatible with many of the common hammock designs speers, HH, DIY etc?
    Final weights? Stuff size? Pricing and availability?
    Please post if you can answer any of these questions.
    If someone has already taken this initiative, I apologize. Please direct me to the appropriate list to post my name and I will delete this thread.
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