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I definately am a prospect for the beak model. If it is windy/stormy enough to need to block off the end, I want the aerodynamic properties of the beak rather than the flat panel.
At the risk of heresy (i.e. discussing ground-dwelling applications), a MacCat with fully zippered beaks on each end would make an unbelievably versatile shelter. One could enter/exit at the lee side or end whatever the wind was doing, raise one side (or the corner of one side) for a Baker-type tent, etc etc.
GREAT idea imo.
Timetable yet?
Just to clarify....we are NOT offering the Beaks, removable or sewn on, with zippers, just overlapping panels. The zippers on my tarp were a prototype. They have held up for the couple of winters in use but a better long term answer is the overlapping panels. Overlapping panels will provide various tarp possibilities, not to mention fiddling with a zipper when your hands are cold is a PITA.