Hi All,
I'm making a hammock from a kit that I bought from Ed Speer...finally. I've gotten the hammock hemmed and have sewn the Velcro on. I've also hemmed the bug net and sewn the Velcro onto it also.

Rather than tie a knot on each end of the hammock I plan to whip each end as everyone has suggested. I also want to hang the hammock using Just Jeff's ring system so I bought the rings at REI and I bought biners from Treklite. From everything I've read, it seems that it would make sense to use a structural ridgeline rather than "guess" each time I hang. I'm not quite sure how to attach the hammock to a structural ridgeline. Can anyone illuminate that for me

My question...is there anything else that I should not do that are in Ed's instructions that would get in the way of the structural ridgeline and the double ring system or anything else that anyone can think of? I'd prefer not to have to rip things out later.
Thanks everyone.