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Hey, Paul,
What's the total weight of the LR with the InsulTex liner? By the way, thanks for such awesome and quick service with my last two orders!! Super service!!!!


I have one that is cut and waiting in the shop to get sewn together in the morning so I can get an exact weight on the Lost River sized peice of IX. But I weighed a New River sized one a while back that was just a bit over 4 oz. The Lost river should be about 2-3 oz.

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Hooked mine up today for a little afternoon siesta and all I can say is WOW!!! This is a great 3 season quilt and easy to adjust. I tied the end of the shock cord collar to my HH tie outs and it stayed put with little adjustment needed. Thanks again, Paul for such an awesome product!
Glad you are liking it, looks good.