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    Need opinions

    First off I am in GA & fairly new to quilts, my current setup is a 3 season KAQ under quilt, with a cheap 20* mummy bag, I have sleep really warm down to 33 degrees with this setup, I have been looking at going to a top quilt mainly to save bulk. In Georgia most of the time I am camping in 40*+ temps. Occasionally I get into the low 30s. So my question is do y'all think I can get by with a 40* top quilt and maybe layer up for the low 30s? If not are y'all seeing a huge difference in bulk between the 40* & 20* top quilts

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    Not knowing if you are a warm sleeper or a cold sleeper, and if you are backpacking or car camping, I can only give you my suggestion. I would get the 20* quilt unless weight is a huge issue. It's easier to vent a top quilt in the night then it is to add layers.


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