Ok, I have some 1.1 DWR and a bunch of polarguard coming in the mail on Friday, and I need to make a quilt by next weekend. I know there are threads and websites all over giving directions, but I am stubborn. I tend to make my own directions and try things my own way, so i want to post them here for anyone to comment on. Also, maybe if someone sees any flaws in the plan I am missing they might be kind enough to comment.

I plan on putting the two pieces of DWR together with the outsides facing in, and sew the two long sides and one short side. Now I have a giant pillow case. Then I will turn it right side out so it is a hollow blanket. Then I take the polarguard and slide it into the pocket like a pillow. After that I sew the end of the DWR shut, and sew another stitch around the entire edge including the insulation. This will connect everything together. Then I will sew those little loop things that allow it to loft but stay in place. The whole idea here is to keep from having to try to keep 3" of insulation and 2 sheets of DWR in place and sew it all at once. The pocket will keep the insulation from moving around as I sew it to the nylon so it is easier to handle, and it doesn't get off line and crooked and junk.

Any comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I plan on using this quilt on a 2 week trip this year, but also on an AT thru next year. That is why I am going with a 3" loft. I would think that could take me down to the single digits.