Hey guys, After tossing around the idea of getting a peapod or using a quilt system, I think I have finally landed on making a down hammock with a top quilt. I am a very cold sleeper so I think I would need more than the 6 ounces that Jeff used in his, and I would need it to go from my head to my toes. I know for weight savings this does not help, but I get cold .

My current idea is to use 1.9 ounce DWR on the bottom, with darts to have around a 4-5 inch loft. I am leaning more to 9-12 ounces of ed speers 900fp down, and maybe one baffle near my shoulders and head.

Are there any suggestions, or fatal flaws to my plan? Is there an easier way to stay warmer that I've never heard of? Are there better/cheaper places to get quality down?

Thanks for all your suggestions and comments and I will keep ya'll posted with pics on how it is turning out.