I Had the honor of introducing a new person to camping this past weekend! It just happened to be my two year old son Griffin. My 4 year old,Cameron also joined us!! It all started with the packing which Cameron was more than willing to help with. They both were allowed to pack just two toys!! They didn't really play with any since they had so many sticks and hills to roll down We also had a playground at the campground. Fun was had by all, no major drama, no major accidents, only some scratches and dirt under fingernails and in the hair The more I watched these kids running around without the overprotective watchful eye of mom saying don't get dirty, don't throw rocks, don't do that, don't do this, the more I realized these kids need a yes weekend!! They did what they wanted to do with a little guidance from dad. We all had a great time! It was great to be able to do this with BOTH of my kids! I really hope everyone has had some kind of experience like this.
This Is really what its all about Proud Father I am!!

Cam And Griff Playin on hill

Cam Being a good big brother

Oscar the Camp Mascot

Griff Eatin dirt after a fall from the slide

Cam Chillin in the hammock!

Oscar guarding the chuckbox