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    Knotty mod and a dl. Placement and photos?

    I have an almost finished dl hammock. Its almost finished because I had planned on adding a zippered bugnet. I have switched to a fronkey bugnet and am going to sew the sides closed leaving a few slots for the pad and want to include knotty mods. I thought head left or rt kind of thing, but maybe do all 4. This is for a scout so I would like to help keep his stuff in the hammock.

    So advise on knotty placement and how to finish up the dl. Photos would be great. I have never done a knotty. I am going to insert shock cord thru the sewn channel and tie knots. Add a cord lock.

    As always thanks.

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    I just did the knotty mod and looking at it after it's suspended I worry my placement is too close to the center...only time will tell. I sewed loops so the cord wouldn't be pulling against the fabric alone...worried it would tear out. I ran mine through the existing hem after melting a small hole with a soldering iron (gotta be careful here!)



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