Recently I have moved from a Blackbird Single Layer 1.1 to a Hennessey Hyperlight.

I have gone back and forth on trying not only to simplify, but to reduce bulk. I truly felt like the BB was just too much hammock for me... Comfy but too much.

So in my efforts to simplify and reduce wieght and bulk I looked into changing the suspension on the Hyperlight. First off I thought of the webbing system that I had on my BB.. TOO Heavy. So I then thought about a Woopie Sling, and I found that in changing it to still get the 6 foot length - that I needed 12 foot of Amsteel for each side. The weight difference between that and the Spectra was only .28 ounces in the end.

And then there were the knots.. simple but complicated. So I had an idea. I would wrap the Hugger through itself and would leave on open end hanging from the tree. Then I woudl attach the biner to the end. I tied a prusik knot at the end of the line which allows me to adjust it from 6 to 3 feet on either end. The Spectra line on the hammock is stiff enough to hold the knot too.

Then i did the same for my tarp, and the ridgeline rope then attatches to the same biner. This made set up very simple and effective. If I need to then lower the tarp for weather I can shorten the lines and hang the hammock a little tighter and have the huggers lower.

I am glad now that I do not have to change out the stock suspension and have a quick and easy set up option..

Thanks to all for your help.