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    fireproofing fabrics

    I am looking at making a tyvek hammock tarp out of homewrap.

    I was looking into a few fire retardant spray products that can be applied to
    fabrics. Has anyone seen or use this product?:

    Following the directions by the manufacturer. The applied spray is fairly heavy,
    adding 0.4oz per sq/ft if you follow the manufacturers recommendations to the letter. But it achieves some fairly impressive fire retardant standards. That just seems like so much weight. Does it go on like a laquer or something? With that kind of weight
    penalty, I could just spray on an elastometric paint and at least get the tyvek to a solid color of my choosing.

    The reason I am looking at such a product, is I am looking to install a chimney jack for a small woodstove under the tyvek tarp, and I thought a product such as this would be good insurance against any sparks out the flue pipe. ( I do plan to use a spark arrestor also)

    I am also thinking of treating the hammock fabric due to proximity to the stove under the tarp.

    Anyone with this kind of experience?
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