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    Hi Lo from the Crytal Basin

    Just getting started with Hanging my ham hocks. Not sure where to start as I only had maybe fourteen hammocks starting with the one my Dad sent me from Thailand in about 1968 or 9. Other than those I know nothing of these creature you guys are using as mine were about seven or eight pounds before they got wet. And brother did they get wet no matter what me and my brothers tried. Well we did try hanging in the living room which work out real well till mom came home and found Dad in it. Dad tried sleeping in the yard with us that night, big fun.
    I'm going to try and build a hanger and a tarp for it and a tarp for cooking under which should prove the most fun as the others have all gone up in smoke or at least gone to pieces. If and when I think I'm getting lost I will call out. With that I hope you end up tied to a tree.

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    haha, "i hope you end up tied to a tree" good stuff. Welcome. I'm new as well.
    I wonder what kind of tarp would be less likely to melt or catch on fire. What are those smokejumper blankets made out of? Like a waterproof nomex tarp haha. Sounds expensive. Good Luck.

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