We have been getting a lot of questions about how to rig the Switchback with the WS. Due to it being a channel end hammock, there are several options here.

1. Run the sling through the channel twice, passing it through the dead-eye each time. Running it through twice give the material double the support area.

2. Splice the dead-eye through the channel, again passing the bitter end through the channel twice before splicing the dead-eye.

3. Run a piece of light line with a small loop on one end through the channel. Pass the bitter end through the loop and cinch the material into a tight ball. Fold the ball over on itself and wrap and tie off securely. Attach the WS behind the ball as above, with two wraps going through the dead-eye each time.

We recommend either #1 or #2 for a few reasons. This allows the material to be gathered correctly and very securely . It is also a better looking attachment.
If you are confident in your knot skills and don't mind the look of the "ball", then by all means #3 is fine also.
As always, test your suspension at home before you hit the trail

Whoopie Slings compliments of Angrysparrow. Thank you again.

Switchback Woopie Slings 001.jpgSwitchback Woopie Slings 009.jpgSwitchback Woopie Slings 011.jpg

Switchback Woopie Slings 012.jpgSwitchback Woopie Slings 015.jpgSwitchback Woopie Slings 017.jpg

Switchback Woopie Slings 018.jpgSwitchback Woopie Slings 019.jpg

As soon as I am confident in my splicing ability, we will be offering the Whoopie Slings as a suspension option.

Cheers, Dale