Hiked the Appalachian Trail Section 10 from Bear Mountain Inn to West Mountain shelter.

The hike was definitely tiring as we had about 35-40lbs in our packs. Rained the first day but that didnt stop us from the hike.

First time on the AT and I was nervous that I would wander off trail but the trail blazes are clearly marked and easy to follow.

My buddy joined me on his first hike ever. He slid down a muddy section of the trail about 3 miles in. The only water proof boots he had were steel toed boots so he paid the price with a few blisters at the end of the trip.

Had a great time the views on the way back were better as the next day was clear and 65 degrees. However the terrain was very wet, muddy, and rocky so we slipped numerous times luckily we didnt hit the ground and were able to catch ourselves with our trekking poles or nearby trees.

Stayed at the West Mountain Shelter overnight. Met a hiker named "Free Bird" who's been on the trail for 3 months comming from Virginia and is heading to Maine. Really cool guy. He was running low on fuel and food so we refilled his fuel and gave him some food we knew we weren't going to get to on our way back the next morning. Hope he has a good travel and makes it to his destination safely.

A few campers came by and set up camp next to my tarp. One couple decided to get it on loudly around 1am which kept me up for a bit Ha! definitely made me miss my woman!

Aside from the whoopie noises first time sleeping in my black bird and got to tell you I'm in love with this hammock. Great design!

Here's the video Enjoy!