something I'm still working on is the weight.

Pack - 85 liters 6lbs

JRB MW 3 - 1.5 lbs

Food - 3.5lbs (I take a little extra just in case)

Water - 4-5lbs (3liter bladder + 1 liter aluminum Sigg) (I take a little extra just in case)

Crazy cooking kit, bongo, fuel line, fuel - 3lbs

sleeping bag - 3.5lbs

WB black bird + superfly - 4lbs

medkit, notebook, headlamp, led small flashlight, tooth brush kit, glasses, contact solution - 4-5lbs

rain gear - 2lbs

extra clothes - 2-3lbs

water filter - 1.5 lbs

Right there is about 37lbs

I was going to use my 65 liter pack (REI Flash) but my winter sleeping bag is mega bulky and it was getting tough to put in extra clothes and food in the pack so I had to go with the heavier pack that I have. Its only 3lbs more.

I'm getting my summer back down to about 20lbs since I dont need that much clothing and my summer sleeping bag is half the weight