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    Peapod suspension

    On my hammock, I have about 2 ft of line on each side coming from my hammock to where I use a slip knot to adjust the the tightening of the PP. From the 2 ft I attach straps going to the tree. I would like to illiminate the 2 ft of rope altogether but scratching my head as to the best way to fasten the PP. Has anyone learned a trick besides just tying a knot from the PP onto the suspension? The slip knot makes it very convenient to raise and lower the PP in different temperature conditions

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    I tie the tail of the drawstring in the end of the PeaPod to the suspension, right above the gathered end of the hammock. In each bitter end of drawstring, I tie a clove hitch around the suspension webbing. It doesn't have to be very tight.

    You can use the tail of the drawstring in this manner, regardless of how tightly you close the ends of the PeaPod.

    You can also use the tail of the drawstring to adjust the position of the end of the PeaPod, as Angrysparrow showed me. Sometimes I will put the ends of the PeaPod six or eight inches from the ends of the hammock; sometimes I will put them two or three inches from the ends of the hammock. This varies the distance between the PeaPod and your butt in the hammock. I put more "sag" in the PeaPod when the weather is warmer.

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