Hey guys...

I've got 2 yards (plus a couple inches) of 1.9 oz. Woodland Camo DWR for sale. I got shorted a few inches on a big order so I can't use this piece for a quilt I paid $10/yd. for it and I'll let it go for $7.50/yd.

I also have a LOT of scraps of 0.75" loft Polarguard 3D lying around. Most of the pieces are less than 10" wide, but several of them are fairly long (3' or more). Various shapes, mostly triangular. Might be good for small stuff like jackets, hoods, etc. Or some nice soft hiking pillows. There's enough (completely compressed) to fill a 16"x16"x21.5" box. I'll take $20 for the lot.

Prices don't include shipping, PM me if you're interested!