I recently had the opportunity to weigh three models of Hennessy Hammocks. I present them for your consideration. I weighed the components with a very accurate gram scale I borrowed from work. All weights below have been converted to pounds. I can't seem to make nice tables in this editor and I apologize for the formatting.

Hennessy Hyperlight ---- 1.057
Hennessy Poly Hex Fly ---- 1.700
Hennessy Hyperlight Bag ---- 0.043
1" tree hugger ---- 0.102
Hennessy ULB ---- 0.976
Hennessy ULB Stock Fly ---- 0.459
Hennessy ULB Bag ---- 0.047
Snakeskin #2 ---- 0.076
1" tree hugger ---- 0.102
Hennessy Scout ---- 2.000
Hennessy Scout Fly ---- 0.591
Hennessy Scout Bag ---- 0.063
1 3/4" tree hugger ---- 0.160

If you look closely, you'll notice that the Hyperlight hammock is actually heavier than the Ultralight backpacker. I should note that the ULB is a purple model from the clearance list and I don't know if it uses a different fabric from the standard ULB. I opted not to buy (and therefore couldn't weigh) the Hyperlight stock fly because I plan to buy or make a cat cut tarp later. Perhaps the Hyperlight package looses the half pound in the stock fly.