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    Finished Pod Construction

    Hey guys.

    I pretty much done converting my bag into a pad. Here is what I did in a nut shell.

    My bag is a half-mummy marmot 30 degree long bag. The hammock is a 11 ft netless something from dutch.

    My first step with the bag was making a foot hole, and sewing it closed so stuffing would not become air borne.

    Second, I used Velcro to be able to seal it when I am on the ground. I kind of failed at this in a way because the hole is a little too big. The Velcro is also a poor choice when it comes to being able to close the hole while in the pod. I think I am going to cut the thread around the hole out, and restitch it for a prettier seal.

    Third, I tested the bag with some shock cord and quickly found out it needed some kind of support system on the sides to keep it from sagging. For this test, I had someone observe it while I laid in the thing and pout out flaws that he saw.

    Fourth Step, I threaded shock cord through the sides of the bag to help suck the bag up under my body. In order to go through the baffle material, I went with the in and out technique. I cut tiny holes to thread the cord over the baffle and back in. Today I sat down (while we had a huge snow day), and worked on sewing the tiny holes to keep them from further ripping. This second attempt at sewing turned out way better than my foot box hole. I really need to re-sew that hole..

    Fifth Step, Hang it again. Everything looked much better. I did feel a little cramped in the pod system, and my feet were getting cold due to the wind. I am going to try shuq's down jacket technique on the end of my feet. Not sure how the cramped feeling will effect my sleep. I get to test it tonight since I hung the hammock up in the room we are currently remodeling to sleep in while I am snowed out of my boat. (2 feet of snow, and Temps staying in the low 40's equals a NOPE.)

    Things Still To Change: Foot Box Sewing. Cut/Trim Cord. Possible Cord Lock modification.

    P.S- The room is horrible because the old tenant smoked, and never cleaned. We are going to tear the walls apart to re-drywall in the spring time. Right now it is just shut up. I threw up the old hammock stand to have a place to sleep during this storm.

    2016-01-24 00.34.46.jpg2016-01-24 00.35.29.jpg2016-01-24 00.35.42.jpg2016-01-24 00.35.57.jpg2016-01-24 00.36.12.jpg2016-01-24 00.36.32.jpg

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    TqUq and pad
    I have zero DIY skills. That's great innovation--it will be fun to test cold weather gear.

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