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    with the Clark, you can setup the tarp first and then connect the hammock. The foot end and head end of the weather shield/bug net are held up by the connection to the tarp. The foot end is coonected to the tarp by a partial bungie cord. The head end is connected to the tarp by just a string and then the tarp is connected to the tree by a partial bungie cord.

    It appears to be designed to allow the hammock to sag at the foot end without changing the height of the tarp, while keeping the tarp and hammock at the same distance at the head end (the bungie to the tree allows the head end of the tarp to move down with the hammock.)

    The problem is that you have to be careful about the distances between your hammock and the tarp when you set it up. If you don't leave enough room between the tarp and hammock you will overstretch the bungie cords and snap the plastic hooks to which they are attach. I did that the first time I set it up and clark sent me replacement cords at no charge.

    While wating for the replacment cords, however, I discovered that it was better for me to use a 1/8 inch bungie cord to attach the head and foot ends of the weather shield/bug net to be certain of enough stretch. I attached them with tautline hitches so I can tighten or lossen them after I am in the hammock if needed. If I have set it up correctly to begin, there will be little or no stretch in the cords - if I rush and make a mistake, the stretch in the bungie cords makes up for my mistake

    Another option would be to simply use a seprate ridgline for the hammock's foot end and head end sections of the weather shield/bugnet, but then you would have an extra rope going to the tree on each side. I prefer attaching them to the tarp.

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    I know you can set-up the tarp first on the Clark...that's one of the things I like about can't do that with a Hennessy...I just don't intend to even pack it with the hammock...and, since I prefer a tarp not be attached to the hammock I think I will go with extra line to hold the netting up and attach THAT to the bungee cords...until I set it up when I have some time and play with it, I won't know what I like fact, that will always be an ongoing game...I love fine-tuning my set-ups to what suits me...

    I found the directions with the Clark simple...I always read directions before I touch new stuff...once I did that I had it up and was bouncing around in it within 10 minutes of unpacking it...there are still lots of discoveries to be made...dontcha just LOVE new gear!

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