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    Sewing machine motor and lighting

    One tip for advanced students and for further contemplation. It's dangerous according to the assertion of overcautious German sewing machine technicians, but whith a little care and common sense it's imo not. However, it's your own risk if you copy what I've done. Don't play with electricity if you don't know exactly what you do.

    I found out that you can use almost any sewing machine motor with foot pedal in another sewing machine. At least as rucksack motor on old sewing machines this is very easy. Sewing machine motors are not cheap, if you must buy them and in certain cases there is no way to get the required motor bracket. But in used sewing machines they are in some cases for free and you can already see how they were mounted and electronically wired.

    All you need is a screw driver, perhaps a sharp knife or razor blades, a luster terminal, a stable fitting motor bracket, a sewing machine motor, a V-belt and a foot pedal from another machine.

    I used the motor and foot pedal of a Singer 6105 on an older Singer 216G treadle machine (it's an old Haid & Neu sewing machine build in 1954 for Singer). I could not use the motor bracket of the Singer 6105. I requested a new one. I made it exactly the same way than I made my loop aliens for my tarp. I used a 3mm aluminum plate and two small pieces of 2mm aluminum. With sawing, filing, drilling and a little bending I managed it that the V-belt of the motor is accurate flush to the millimetre with the groove on the handwheel. I will check the alignment again with a water level as soon as the machine found it's final place in a solid wooden subpart of a Singer 215G build in the same year. The machine works perfectly fine and all what I did was very easy and imo under the conditions I did it not dangerous. Hanging in a hammock is imo more dangerous for your life.

    One other tip. I replaced the bulb in my sewing machine lamp too. The old one was a 40W bulb with 470 lumen and got hot. The new one is a LED bulb with only 5.5W but has also 470 lumen and goes after several hours of using only lukewarm. Check the bulb in your sewing machine. If you use still a very old bulb you can save a lot of electricity too. In certain cases it may also be possible that you can improve the lighting conditions at the same time.

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