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    Quote Originally Posted by JerryW View Post
    Thanks Hawk-eye, but what that really means is that I've just had A LOT of practice...both sewing AND seam-ripping my mistakes.
    Practice, practice, practice...
    Well it definitely shows! I bet ... and I bet other's would agree ... the seams you rip out would probably be just fine for the majority of us!

    Waiting for the next picture of your car project ... or grandson to show up on Flickr!

    WARNING: Will discuss Rhurbarb Strawberry Pie and Livermush at random.

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    Funny, I have almost the same setup...

    I'm 5'11", and used 3 yds of the same fabric (Thank's Ed!). I just gathered my edges per the Speer book directions, sewed my seams with a zig-zag like Risk's ZHammock, and whipped the ends...

    I do wish mine was a bit longer... Just get a longer tarp...You can always shorten it later, once you've tried it out. One thing to consider: Ed's method (which is painfully simple) is to tie an overhand knot in each end, which might be why he said to go 11'. If you whip the ends, you save about 10-12 inches in length.

    Here's what I've learned over the last 2 months of playing with my new toy:
    Buy the dutch clips from this site, and use the ring setup like the warbonnet... makes adjustmnets MUCH easier than tying to a tree...

    Also, tie high, hang loose and lay diagonally...

    Welcome to the addiction!

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