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    It was cold, no doubt. It didn't matter what kind of rig you were in, on or above the ground.

    But I surely have new respect for what a hammock is capable of after seeing Mike and Festus out in those temps.

    They both pitched at moderate heights from what I could tell, so given the terrain, and even higher breezes I think they would have been good to go at even colder ambient or windchill temps.

    The frozen ground was not compliant at all for me as a ground dweller, and I found myself envious of even a repeatable sleeping position, let alone a comfortable one.

    Good stuff, and fun times.

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    Every time I look at this thread I kick myself for not going. It just wasn't in the cards....

    Next time!

    Glad you all had fun and nobody got frostbite!
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    Being originally from Watertown, NY it took me back to those fun times in deep snow when I was growing up.
    Post some more pics if you got some.
    My sister still lives up there, so who knows, I might one day get to meet some of you.
    Looks like ya'll had a good time.
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