Hi folks. I am new to hammocking, and just had my first above-the-ground experience on a backpacking trip last weekend. I have a Hennessy Hyperlite and Supershelter system. I'm hooked and hoping these 50-yr old bones will never have to touch the ground again! I've enjoyed reading all the great information here and look forward to becoming part of the community.

I am planning a 5 day trip to the Weminuche Wilderness (camping at >11Kft) in mid July, and want to be prepared for the cold as well as expected rainy conditions. Being a newbie, I have read with great interest the forum posts that express concern on the limitations of the stock Hennessy tarp.

I decided to pick up a MacCat tarp to make sure I stay dry. I placed my order earlier in the week, and have followed up email to Brian, but have received no response yet. Brian has said on his web site that he will continue to ship products until mid June. Has he left already for his summer camp job? Or is he just completely buried right now? Has anyone heard from him lately? I'm wondering if I need to try and figure out some other alternative?

Another question: people here seem to have a consensus that the Supershelter is good down to the mid 40's or so, and this was supported by my overnight experience last weekend. BTW, I used a No Sniveller top quilt and also wore a light merino wool shirt, windshirt and hiking pants. My question is, what addiitonal lightweight insulationg gear should I consider bringing along to extend my temperature range down to the mid 30's if needed? I am not particularly a warm sleeper, but also know this can vary a lot based on exertion, calorie intake, etc.