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    Quote Originally Posted by BillyBob58 View Post

    Raw, How wide are your shoulders?
    I just had my wife measure.
    Looks like I'm only about 23" from shoulder to shoulder.
    I guess that's what I get for not hitting the weights for a few years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MedicineMan View Post
    For levelness (if that's a word) a line-level from ACE is super cheap and not even 1/2 ounce in weight.
    For 'perceived instability' the first time i got into the bridge I thought back to my kayak, in grading kayaks there is initial stability and secondary stability, the bridge has the later but not the former...i ended up taking a guy line from the corner ring to the ground on one side to stop the swinging more quickly, third time just reached to the ground after I was in and stopped the motion by pushing the ground.
    Tightness- I think my chest is freekish in width but felt comfortable the first time i climbed in.
    Gaps-if you've got a JRB BMBH, the MWUQ was made exactly for it.
    After going to the JRB site and looking at the instructions more closely, I did hand the UQ incorrectly.instead of using the biners of the JRB UQ Suspension to hook to the hammock grosgrain loops, then hanging the UQ from those loops, I hooked the biners straight to the ends of the UQ as if I was hanging on an end gathered hammock.

    Oddly enough, I didn't get cold, but that could explain some of the cold spots as the down was probably compressed under my weight.

    As for levelness, I can still eyeball it and go by feeling. Next time I'll just hand the foot in a few inches lower initially.

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