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I am considering making a speer style 8x10 rain fly. However, I really do like my small rain fly.

I might go with a kickassquilt so I don't have to worry about the additional JRB weather shield. I'm off to the quilt forum to start posting.....lol

Hacktorious, et al,

Understand that the Kickass quilts and JRB quilts are both made of 1.1 DWR.... A Weather Shield is not normally necessary as long as the tarp is adequate....

The Weather Shield was developed for the temp inversion, "can't see 10 feet soaking fog, also as a stand alone summer solution and further as a 6-10 degree extra addition at a very low cost....A DWR 1.1 ripstop quilt of adequate thickness for the expected temp does not need the extra waterproof layer.