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    Quote Originally Posted by hacktorious View Post
    I am considering making a speer style 8x10 rain fly. However, I really do like my small rain fly.

    I might go with a kickassquilt so I don't have to worry about the additional JRB weather shield. I'm off to the quilt forum to start

    Hacktorious, et al,

    Understand that the Kickass quilts and JRB quilts are both made of 1.1 DWR.... A Weather Shield is not normally necessary as long as the tarp is adequate....

    The Weather Shield was developed for the temp inversion, "can't see 10 feet soaking fog, also as a stand alone summer solution and further as a 6-10 degree extra addition at a very low cost....A DWR 1.1 ripstop quilt of adequate thickness for the expected temp does not need the extra waterproof layer.

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    I owned a Hennessy..Now I own a Clark

    The Hennessy was a really cute idea for a hammock. The problem is that I couldn't get out of the stupid thing during the night (bottom-entry nightmares). The Clark solves the issues I had with the Hennessy. It allows me to relax at the campground, not just sleep. The ability to open up the CJH bug-netting is critical to a true hammock-camping experience. The WeatherShield creates a real tent for privacy and warmth, and the pockets are very useful. What else can I say?

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    I own both types. I've had the Clark for 4 or 5 years and the HH for about 3.
    I prefer the Clark for colder weather. The weathershield gives the hammock good wind protection. I use a Z-rest pad in cold weather and put some extra clothes/stuff sacks, etc into the pockets. I usually don't have enough to fill the pockets...hasn't been an issue. I adjust the amount/type of clothing and choose a bag appropriate to the conditions.

    I generally choose the HH in warm to cool weather. The hammock body material is lighter than the Clark, and seems more comfortable when the nights are hot. I use a JRB Nest UQ to "stretch" the season. Disadvantage-the non-removeable netting.

    The Clark seems to have less "fuss-factor" than the HH. The tarps on both my older hammocks are marginal in my opinion. Both hammock models are now offered with larger tarps than when first introduced, but are still on the smallish side... I use a 9x9 SG camo tarp on both. There's nothing like full coverage when it's raining cats and dogs. My tent carrying friends end up under my tarp in crummy weather.

    I like the weight of the HH over the Clark, but both have their place in my pack. If I had to hang in only one hammock, I'd choose the Clark. My opinion for what it is worth...


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